Friday, March 30, 2012

Fluff Your Nest

I spotted this little bird going back and forth to the birdhouse with various pieces of twigs and twine. She was fluffing her nest. Between flying jaunts she would land on a branch and sing a pretty tune. Whistle while you work, right?
I have been up to my ears making pillows, banners and birds nests for yesterday's craft show. It was a lot of fun but I'm too tired to post about it. Maybe, later. This week I'm gonna enjoy real life!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Armoire on the Cheap

I hear tell that armoires are out. Not at the Bunderosa! All of my rooms are huge and these cabinets are great for storing and hiding all my stuff and folks, I have a lot of stuff!
Just ask my family.
I found this jewel at my favorite haunt. It was marked down half price at a whoppin' $30.
I began to have visions of sugar plums for this beauty as I needed a place to hide a TV and various dvd's and old VHS in our guest room.

This piece goes on top

I found the charcoal colored paint in the mistake paints at
Walmart. cheep! cheep! cheap!

After I painted the whole thing charcoal I randomly painted on the crackle. I let it dry then painted over the whole thing with some paint I had left over from my bathroom cabinet project. I love it!
The End

Friday, March 2, 2012

March On!

This mug was made for my mug!

I hear the birds singing and see the jonquils blooming. The trees are budding out. It seems rather early. Our peach trees are showing pink buds already. This can't be good because Oklahoma always has a late freeze and I sure am hoping for fresh peaches this year.

My little Pearl White chicks arrived. They are known for their large red combs but I didn't expect this!
I started some flower and vegetables seeds this week. Sure hoping I am successful because small plants are pricey! A new item I'm trying this year is Tomatillas. I have used them in chili and they are quite tasty! So we'll see how that goes. Last year we grew eggplants for the first time. They did very well. Unfortunately, hubby and I did not care for them. They seem rubbery.

I have been really busy with my little business BUNDEROSA QUEEN. I have some shows scheduled in March and April. I am selling in Little Bit of Country in Sapulpa, OK. and for the Hillbilly Debutante. See me here BunderosaQueen and on Facebook.

I'm having too much fun!