Wednesday, April 18, 2012

It's bloomin' pretty these days!

I have had this rose for about 3 years now
Can anyone identify this one for me?

First time for me to grow iris's
Old timers call these Flags
I call them lovely
So happy about them!

Little white flowers that show up every year.

Not quite a bloom but here is my sidekick.
Ol' Sam. Samosis! Silly silly Sam.I love this dog

I threw all this up against the fence and look how it turned out!

Clematis with an angel

Old climbing rose

This thing has about had it!

Aren't these bluebird eggs precious. Unfortunately a nest robber took them away
before they had a chance. I'm thinking I need to make the birdhouse hole smaller. UGH!!

Double pink knock-outs by ye ol' propane gas tank

A little photoshop going on here

Wild flowers by the althea bush aka Rose of Sharon or
as in Grapes of Wrath you would say Rose a Sharn hehe!

Old red climbing rose out by the fence

Clematis bloom

I got this Columbine plant last year on a clearance rack.
Not too shabby, huh?

Second year Columbine
pretty pretty

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