Thursday, January 27, 2011

Valentine Hanging Chenille Hearts

Hanging Chenille Hearts


Have a heart...a hanging chenille heart, that is.
6" X 8" chenille hearts $10 + $5 shipping

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pay it Forward 2011--Blog Style!

A fellowette blogger She Wears Red Boots did something very similar on Facebook and had so much fun! She created 2 Scarflettes, a Scarf, and two Flower Pins and gave them to the five people that commented first on her post. Now she is doing this on her blog and I am following her on this wonderful idea!

Here's the challenge (for those with a blog, only)

Pay it Forward 2011: I promise to send something handmade to the first three people who leave a comment here. To be eligible, you must also post this on your blog, offering the same thing to three other people. The rules are that it must be handmade by you and it must be sent to your three people sometime in 2011. If you like, you may also send favorite colors and likes/dislikes.

Can't wait to get started! So leave you comment below (along with your blog address!!!) and let's see who the first three "winners" will be!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bedpost pillow redos

When I first made these they were more of an aged shabby chic look.
I gave them a new vintagy country flair. Much better!



I love this one with the old dresser pull.
The picture did not turn out as well as the others :(.

You will find these at Little Bit of Country in Sapulpa. An awesome country decor store!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Some of my latest works of art

My greeting /gift cards are truly one of a kind. Each of the following are approximately 6"x 8" and are $12 each plus $3 shipping. If you are interested in one just leave me a comment and I will get back with you. I will be selling them in Little Bit of Country in Sapulpa also.
Click picture to enlarge. Thanks!
"Ina wondered if advertising in the Dating section was a bit pretentious."

"No, I don't think I will kiss you.
Although you need kissing badly."

Aww c'mon Rhett. Kiss her!

This one reads "Maria worried her last text was a tad too forward."
I wonder what she said. Hmmm?

This one says "Beulah was a sweetheart until it came to who controlled the remote."
She So purty in her bonnet.

I bought this wooden crown several months ago.
I got inspired yesterday and here is the results.
The Queen would be ME!

I desperately needed an extra light over my sewing machine.
Not just any old light would do. I need to add more bling to it.

Breaking out in song here... PAPER ROSES la la laaaa!
Eat your heart out Marie Osmond

My new tag!
My rooster Rhett donning cowboy hat and saddle. He needs boots next!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

I have a bad case of cabin fever

We have not even had a full month of winter and I am already going berserk. Ok, I am berserk-er.
I go outdoors and all I see is blahhh. Blah dead grass, blah dirt, blah this and blah that. Indoors I clean and do laundry, fix food, eat food, clean kitchen blah blah blah. I am pathetic.
Tomorrow I will go to Atwoods and stare at the new seed packets they just got in.

Blue skies, smiling at me...nothing but blue skies
Longing for roses again
O taste and see
Lookin forward to these sweeties
Hopefully this year I will have lots of these
Go ahead. Open up!
I am loving my new kitchen! (in my dreams).
I must be delirious from this (cabin) fever.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I'm not a starving artist anymore!

*Click on images to enlarge

Remember last fall when I made several of these?
Well, I am a vendor at Little Bit of Country and three of them sold over the holidays!
Diane at LBofC wants me to do some things for Valentines Day. How exciting!

Lots of ideas are swarming in my head!

Friday, January 7, 2011

The Queen of Bunderosa's Quarters (Before and After Pics)

Note: this is not me

Are you sitting down? You might want to when you see the BEFORE pictures of the Queen of Bunderosa's bedroom. The transformation is AMAZING, let me tell ya!

Unfortunately, I decided to take pictures a little after the demolition began.
Not that it mattered.

Some of the sheetrock had already been removed and new insulation put in.
Pretty , huh?

A very hard workin' man!

Yes, my friends that IS some sort of dining room light hanging from the bedroom ceiling. Don't ask why it is there (long story). It was a tough decision whether to keep it or not. It took me less than 1/10 of a second to decide that it had to go.
And why did I crave cottage cheese when I looked up at the ceiling? One of life's many mysteries, I guess.

AfterThis is a sneak peek of my closet. I got my leopard carpet and I LOVE IT! Anyway, hubby still needs to build my shoe racks! I wish he would hurry! haha!

Stacked luggage in my closet. I use these for storage.
So much cuter than plastic tub containers, I think.
I enjoy a little bit o' country

I have a strange obsession for old jewelry cases.

I plan to paint the chair and cover in a brown and tan cowhide print.

I chose turquoise and brown but will probably change later 'cause that's what I do.

My favorite little pillow... "I'm Not Bossy I Just Have Better Ideas!"
Sounds a bit snobbish...which is NOT me at all!

My hanging doorknob pillow (it hangs on my bedpost).
Tag reads: Without enough sleep we all become tall two year olds.
So true!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy 20th Birthday, LuLu!

Twenty years ago today this little darlin' was born. We braved a horrible ice storm to get to the hospital. Allison was the New Years baby in Creek County. We made the front page news! haha
She was so sweet...
The cowgirl came out at an early age.
Age 4
Always stylin'
A pretty teen
Happy Birthday, Sweetie!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Remodeled Master Bathroom

Well, can you?
Yep, a nifty spray nozzle! Who'da thunked it?
Bye-bye little drippy shower head!
The vinyl flooring scraped up in a pile!
Little brown tub. Bye-bye!
Out with the old and in with the new!

My husband did an absolute beautiful job putting this ceramic flooring down.
I love it AND him! He is a genius!

A little metal shelf, vintage mirror and little antlers (I found in our barn). On my wall above the toilet (in case you were wondering).
Single tall cabinet holds all my towels and linens (and hubby's stuff).
Out of sight and out of mind. Heehee
Bathroom Cabinets
The leaf design in my bathroom light matches the light fixture in my bedroom.
You'll see that in my next post.
Delta Victorian Style faucets
Lightly distressed and stained cabinets.
Still looking for the right wood to put my towel racks on.

I didn't get a picture of the tub and toilet. The tub is a white single piece fiberglass tub/shower. We now have a large shower head! All faucets are the Delta Victorian style in brushed nickel.

I love my new bathroom!