Friday, February 29, 2008

Collecting and Grouping

Book Vases

I like to collect a lot of different things and then group them together. My first real collecting craze started about 25 years ago. We lived in our country home that hubby built and I started collecting wooden hamburger presses with painted roosters. Well I have about 30 now and they are in a box in the barn! I will probably drag them out someday, clean them up and then display them OR I just might sell them, I dunno. Anyway, I few years back I bought my first little book vase. Now I have 4. I think they are so sweet with the little verses on them. Here they are.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

He Was Just Wandering Around

Yesterday my daughter Amanda needed her thrift store "fix" and of course since my little grandmunchkin would be with her I had to go too! She always finds the cutest clothes! She just has an eye for that. Well, anyway, I found a few pair of jeans for my jean skirt business but I also found this cute little fella. At first I thought he might be half of a bookend set and looked for the other half. Couldn't find one. Then I realized that it didn't have a very high side for books to lean on and since it is very heavy decided he must be a doorstop. He is such a cutie and I just had to bring him home.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Did a little interior decorating this morning

"Broken Dream"?
Floral Wall Hanging
Round table in the corner
Metal Shelf

I got into a little interior decorating mood this morning. I bought a wall hanging yesterday that says DREAM. Well I thought I looked it over real good before I bought it and everything looked okay until I started to hang it this morning and noticed a piece was broken off. Since I live 40 minutes away from the big city I chose not to return it. So I guess you could say I officially have a "broken DREAM".

I created the floral wall hanging last night using my recent thrift store purchase metal wall basket (it was previously shabby chic distressed white and I painted it black and dry brushed it). I think it needs a little something, maybe some ting-ting, I dunno. I will let the experts Vicki or Amanda straighten me out here.

Did you notice the teak wood elephant bookends? Those were purchased from somewhere overseas by my dad when he was in the Navy. They have real ivory tusks. Real treasure! Elephants are a real hot decorative item right now, too! These are 45 to 50 years old.
The metal shelf with the small lamp was another thrift store bargain. Daughter Amanda bought the cute fru-fru lamp for me this past Christmas.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Almost like dumpster diving!

I was visiting my sister the other day with my daughter LuLu and grandson Chantry. We decided to take grandmunchkin out to see her pigs and goats. Sis showed me this round, rusty, metal building that the previous owner (sis's aunt in law) used to put all her old important papers and receipts in. I dunno, I guess she couldn't make herself burn or shred them. Anyway, Sis opened the door and there on top of the pile of trash was this tray. I practically broke my neck trying to get it! Sis looked at me like I was crazy and said "Sure, take it". Hehe

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Valentine's Day was Oh So Sweet!

Now I know there are many that would and do say that Valentine's Day is only sweet when there are roses, heart-shaped boxes of gourmet chocolates and dinner at a nice restaurant is involved. None of those things came to me but I did get a sweet card from hubby and a very special person stayed the night with us...he calls me Gammie and he is only two. Yep, I had the best Valentine's Day!