Monday, April 7, 2014

Stopping to smell the Spring flowers...not really

As much as I would like to say that I am stopping to SMELL the Spring flowers I have not. Well, I did stop and snap a picture or two but I have been so busy getting ready for Vintage Market Days (see my latest post on my business blog, remodeling the house, and waiting for no-show company. Anyway, we made it through the longest, most boring winter ever and now it is Spring. Yay!!

Little purple Spring flowers in my yard
Enjoying my little granddaughter Evie
and my grandsons Chantry and Chase

Now time to get back to work for that big show!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

December 2013

With Thanksgiving being at the very end of November this year it made a shorter Christmas time for all of us. I did most of my Christmas decorating just before Thanksgiving but not too overwhelming. I really love Thanksgiving and although we should be thankful everyday of our lives it is good to have that time with loved ones to enjoy and give thanks. We have been so blessed all year. We got a brand new granddaughter this year. Everyone stayed pretty healthy with just a few bouts of sickness but nothing major. The drought ended and we got a significant amount of rain. With the rain our garden did well. My little business seems to be doing well. My mother moved in with my oldest sister and her health and outlook improved. I could go on but I will end it by saying God has been so good to me.

Our grandson Chantry turned 8 this month. It is hard to believe he is that old. This child is amazing! He has a sweet, kind personality. He loves to learn and this year in  his Bible Quizzing he memorized and could quote perfectly 191 Bible verses. Who does that? It is just amazing! Last year he memorized 174 Bible verses. He is so smart. Goodness, I love him so much!

 We had our first Funk Girl's Christmas Party in my home. 
We had a nice lunch together then played Dirty Santa. 
It was so much fun to be together!
There were a  few that could not make it. 
Maybe next year!

Great Grandma finally met Evangeline.


 Robbin and Mama

 My niece Jaymi and I

 My daughter-in-law Kerina with grandson Chase

Amanda and Mama

 My daughter Allison and Evie

 Robbin with her Dirty Santa gift

 The Funk Girls

 My Tree

Our Stockings

 My girl gussied up!

Our Christmas Baby
More later...

Saturday, November 30, 2013

November Last

It has been a while since I posted anything. As you see I am not one to post every single day. I would like to do better though. I'm just soooo busy. Seriously, I am busy with my business. It keeps me hoppin'. Not to mention my adorable grandchildren. Oooh I love them so very much!
I mentioned my business and how it keeps me busy. I really enjoy it. Sometimes I get a little lonely but I snap out of it as soon as the phone rings and someone on the other end says "Mom, can you_____(fill in the blank with something that you need to do but don't want to so you ask someone else to do it for you)_____"?
I love my kiddos with all my heart. I love them so much that I cooked a feast for them for Thanksgiving day.
We ate like rich people. It was so good! My favorite was this..

Wait! It was this!.........

There was so much good food everywhere. I roasted an enormous turkey and I have an enormous amount left over. Amanda made the ham and it was delicious. Ugh! Why do we do it! hehe!
Here was the table before we covered with food and crumbs.

I always want to give myself a good kick in the behind after the party that I didn't that enough group pictures. I love dinner photos where everyone has a mouthful and you say "Everyone look this way and smile"! Here's a few pics of my bunch.
 Allison and her husband Dee

Me and Toodle Britches

My favorite monsters in the whole monster kingdom

Happier than two pigs in the sunshine

 My little darling wearing her Aunt Amanda's baby coat that I made her years ago.
She's so sweet!

My girls on Black Friday
 My son Zack had to work and didn't get to be with us Thanksgiving. 
This was taken the week before with his sis.

Ok...Now on to Christmas!!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Hello Autumn!

Goodness! I haven't  posted a thing on here since May! Well, let me bring you up to speed. May was a busy month, indeed. I did Vintage Market Days in Tulsa. Let me just say it was a HUGE success! The event was held downtown Tulsa in the Brady district in an old warehouse. It was chock full of vendors with the neatest vintage, antique, handcrafted and repurposed STUFF! We had zillions of people come through every day!
Here's a few shots from the event!
 People, people and more people
 My booth
 Ever seen the CraftWOman brand?
 A little closer look at some of the clothing I made.
 The sundresses and pantaloons were a hit!
This little angel came into my booth and donned one of my upscale hats. 
Isn't she a doll!
 One of my display tables.
My crowns are always a hit!
 It's good to be QUEEN, right?
 Vintage book set
And the Bunderosa Queen. Bawk! Bawk!

June10th Hubby and I celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary with a dinner at Kilkennys with our kids.
and NOW.
 We look a little different. haha!

 Our family. 
The little monkey in the plaid shirt is actually trying to smile. Too funny, Chase!
My son set the dinner all up for us. I love this kid so much!
 Our family
 My daughter in law and baby Evie
 Aaron and Evie
 The boys

Also in June our ninja had a birthday!
 Chase turned 4!
 Such a fun little guy
 He played t-ball this summer.
Such a cutie!
 Here he is at his 4th birthday party.
I love this little fella so much!

We always have a big cookout and fireworks for the kids.

 Our sweet little firecracker!
 Aunt Amanda and Evie
 I thought this was funny.
Chantry loves to catch bugs and put them in jars.
He is so funny!
Chase with a sparkler.
My daddy's flag hangs proudly.

Our favorite thing to do is have our kids come out and we have a big meal together.
Fried chicken, biscuits and sweet tea accompanied by hubby's garden veggies can't be beat!
There is nothing better than breaking bread together with those you love.
 Pop and his buddies chowing down!
 4 Generations
My mama and me
 For my birthday my mom and sister Robbin and I took a little trip to Branson.
We had so much fun! We ate and shopped and laughed so much. One night we
went to see the Baldknobbers. It did me so much good to hear mama laugh at their silliness. When it came time for the Baldknobbers to give tribute to all the military my mother almost cried when they had the Navy veterans stand. She clapped and clapped. I just can't put into words how I felt.
 Being silly with my sis.
We stopped at several thrift and second hand stores.
So fun!!
 She was a total mess! Haha!
 Just silly fun!

My birthday didn't start out too pleasant. It was also the day of my hubby's fathers funeral. We attended the services but later met up with our kids for a birthday dinner. Some things you just can't help. We enjoyed being with our family that evening.
The grandkids sure can make you feel better and forget your troubles for awhile.
Gammie and the grandmunchkins
 My daughter in law and granddaughter and me.

Ending July's post with this pic of my beautiful sunnies.

I spent one week of August keeping our grandsons while their parents went on a 10th Anniversary vacation. We had a lot of fun together. The rest of August was spent getting ready for another big 3-day Vintage Market Days show in Tulsa. This one was themed Vintage Market Days-An Urban Fairytale.
Her is one of my displays for my booth.
This is a pic of my dining room before the show. It filled up fast!
Lots of clothes, accessories, and home decor items. 
The show was the first weekend in September.
 One of my crowns
Be Wise crown
 My daughter helped me work my booth.
She was a huge help!
Two more crowns that I designed and made for the show.
and TIME FLIES crown

My booth

Amy and Tracey's booth.
I loved entertaining them during the 3 day show

My son Zack. He helped me set up my booth.
I love him so much!!
 My sweetie came and helped me one day during the event.
She is so precious to me.
And my son and his wife and baby came for a few minutes.
It was just too hot for them to hang around. 
I did get to show off  little Toodle Britches to my vendor friends.

At the end of September we had our annual family reunion. 
I'm too pooped to post anymore pics.
Maybe next time!